MEDUSA4 Personal

MEDUSA4 Personal for Windows

MEDUSA4 Personal is a free 2D/3D mechanical CAD system.

MEDUSA4 Personal is a free 2D/3D CAD system.

MEDUSA4 Personal is part of the MEDUSA4 family of CAD solutions. Its extensive design functionality, similar to the most advanced commercial package, includes basic 3D, parametrics, colour image integration and sheet metal design.

Whether you are a model engineer who needs a professional CAD tool for creating or editing your unique designs, or you want to use CAD software for hobby, DIY or home improvement projects, MEDUSA4 Personal provides you with an extensive, professional set of design tools.

If you are a business, wishing to use MEDUSA4 Personal, you can register for free at the CSG eSERVICES Portal.

MEDUSA4 is a professional CAD solution and can handle any requirement in engineering. The software offers a high level of automation, standardization, and is adaptable to any business requirement. Many reputable companies use MEDUSA4.

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MEDUSA4 Personal


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